Today Microsoft announced a new search engine called bing. I’ve been dogfooding this engine internally for some time now and from my experience it’s a step up from the previous engine in both functionality and appearance. It’s definitely worth playing around with for awhile.


While the functionality and accuracy of the results are certainly improved, this is not the biggest selling point for me. I find Live Search’s results to be very good and noticeably improving over time. I use it at home and work and rarely find a need to switch to for anything. But functionality isn’t everything.

For me the biggest selling point is the new name. Having a search engine with a 2 word name consisting of existing words prevented it from beating google in a key aspect of my life: the vernacular. Google works great as a verb and hence allows itself to be injected into the conversation. For instance ‘Can you google it real quick’?

What to do with live search though’ How can I express that I’m using live search without being too wordy’ ‘Can you live search it’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it. For awhile I shortened the name to learching (Live sEARCHING). While that works, it doesn’t quite have a good ring to it.

Bing on the other hand works great

Can you bing it?

You can view the engine at and the team is also twittering at @bing.

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