I just released an update to VsVim for Visual Studio 2010. This is available on the extension manager in Visual Studio or can be downloaded directly at the following link.

Link: http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/59ca71b3-a4a3-46ca-8fe1-0e90e3f79329

GitHub: http://github.com/jaredpar/VsVim

This is fairly major release from the last announced (0.8.2) which includes the following changes

  • Essentially a rewrite of Visual Mode
  • New motions f, F, t, T, e, [, [[, ], ]], (, ), {, }
  • Visual Studio integration improvements
  • Memory leak fixes
  • Fixes for international keyboard issues
  • And of course many bug fixes

I do want to take a second and thank two VsVim users, pedrosal and tuncbah, for reporting several international keyboard issues, helping me to understand the problem and testing out my fixes. They were particularly nasty issues that caused me a bit of trouble.

Future Plans

We’re quickly approaching a 1.0.0 release. My initial goal for 1.0.0 was to have a largely functional Vim emulation layer on top of Visual Studio. With the following features currently in progress I think VsVim will be well within that goal

  • Vim style regex support - right now all regex’s are done with vanilla BCL regex’s
  • Clipboard support
  • Improvements to the . operator

This work is well under way and I hope to complete it within the next month or so. Releasing 1.0 will be a huge milestone for us but will by no means be the end of the work.

The usual caveats and expectations

This extension is being released by me, not by Microsoft. As such the support level for this extension is equivalent to the amount of free time I have to put into it.

Source for this release is available on the GitHub project site. It and the associated binaries are released under the MS-PL.

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